Cello Cello – Max and Sandy Baillie

Cello Cello – Max and Sandy Baillie

We are much enjoying our CELLO CELLO season, fascinating to see so many different approaches to this instrument. Next Thursday we feature Alexander Baillie, recognised internationally as one of the finest ‘cellists of his generation, playing with his son, violinist Max Baillie. We’ll hear them together in music by Martinu, Kodaly and Dvorak (the Dumky Trio) especially showcasing the folk influences in that music. They are joined by our Martin Butler on piano.

Then in set three Sandy will join Notes Inégales, and we will play some Jewish klezmer music from the same period (featured also on our Kafka’s Wound CD made with Will Self).

Max is a long-term member of Notes Inégales and, to me, an exemplar of a new kind of player – he plays in a duo with Sura Susso (African kora player), contemporary music, and has explored new ways of presenting classical music. Martin Butler and I recently interviewed him about the challenges of such diverse work and he also talks about his feelings for his father’s playing – the film is here.

The interview ends with the inspiring thought that, whatever kind of music you are playing you’ve got to ‘not know what going to happen in the next bar – even if you’ve played it 100 times’ . I hope, that’s also the spirit of the club. Please come down for our three sets: Notes Inégales, Max/Sandy/Martin, then a joint voyage starting with klezmer.

Delicious Indonesian Street Food by AYAM HAPPY food and we now have free wi-fi! Come and sit on a comfortable settee from 7pm, music from 8pm.

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