The Journal of The Institute of Composing Journal Guidelines

The Journal of The Institute of Composing publishes articles, interviews and documentary concerning contemporary music practices, cultures and contexts.  Based on broad, inclusive notions of what musical composition constitutes it seeks to provide a public forum for critical, polemical and reflective thought from and about new and emergent compositional practice today.

We welcome submissions from composers, performers, critics, academics, students, programmers, audiences – anyone with an interest.  Standard written submissions should be c.500 words.  Video submissions should be no more than around 5 minutes in duration.


  • The Craft of Composition
  • New Music Access & Boundaries
  • Improvisation & Composition
  • The Business of Composing
  • Performing New Music
  • Teaching Composition
  • Composer in the Community
  • Music & Thought
  • About Music (from a contemporary musical/cultural perspective)

We also welcome submissions relating to seasonal themes of the Institute of Composing.  The Spring 2016 theme is titled ‘Found in Translation’ (tying in with the Club Inégales season).

Submissions and requests for information should be sent to Editor Dan Goren.